• IMG_7376

    A New Look, and a New Name

    Something look a little different round here? Well, my little corner of the internet has been renamed and redesigned – it’s told me that it’s feeling like Carrie Bradshaw when she got…

  • IMG_33452

    Pizza and Natters at Urbano32

    There are only a small handful of spots in my Roman hometown to plug in and pack away a few hours of work. Yes, the coffee shops do the job, but when I’m…

  • breakfast ideas

    Building 3 Healthier Breakfasts

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s a universal truth that breakfast is also by far the best (with brunch interchangeable if it’s the weekend). The possibilities are endless…

  • lilly ahlberg

    The Playlist With Lilly Ahlberg

    I’m so excited to finally share with you all a brand new series on my blog called “The Playlist”, where I’ll be raiding some of my favourite musicians, tastemakers and trailblazers’ song stashes. I’ve got…

  • luke

    A Night at Luke’s Eating House

    If there’s one thing I love possibly more than music, skincare or Topshop, it’s going out to eat. I’m still getting the hang of rustling up clean, healthy meals at home (my…

  • Desk inspiration

    DIY Project: An Office Space

    The beginning of a new year calls for ambitious new plans, and having my very own workspace is one of them (to indulge my inner geek, of course). So, continuing on from…

  • JP Cooper

    On Repeat: JP Cooper

    There’s a boy whose songs I have been playing a lot around my house. I mean, a LOT. Spotify already knows by now who I’m going to search for when I get…

  • 5 Top Beauty Discoveries In 2014

    My Top Beauty Discoveries of 2014

    It’s been a brilliant year for beauty launches, and clattering through my disorganised makeup/beauty collection (gimme a break, I just moved…like, 3 months ago), I realised that I’ve acquired a handful of products this year…

  • winter inspiration

    8 Wardrobe Staples For ’15

    Slowly, I’ve been building a wardrobe wishlist in my mind. My favourite bloggers can be blamed for the length of it by now – culottes worn beautifully by Lucy Williams, a dungaree-playsuit worn…